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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Texting in Class Leads to Arrest

Some students have not yet learned that cooperation can usually make your life happier. Is this really the war you want to wage? Have you realized that if you carry a folder to class or pretend to do your work, you get in less trouble and get to do more of the things you want to do?

The Smoking Gun has an example of poor choices leading a student to unanticipated consequences.
  1. Student is texting in class. Teacher tells her to stop. She refuses.
  2. Teacher asks student to give up the phone. She refuses.
  3. Teacher calls campus police officer, student lies to officer, claiming she had no phone in class... her phone's not as school... she doesn't own a phone. Student's friends confirm she had phone in class, texting.
  4. Officer tries to phone dad, student gives false phone numbers... multiple times.
  5. Officer places student under arrest for disorderly conduct ($298 bail). Search discovers phone. Officer verifies phone was used to text dad during class.
  6. Student admits it's her phone & she was texting in class, but says the phone doesn't work, so she doesn't care if she gets it back.



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