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Friday, January 23, 2009

Dallas school apologizes for 100-0 win

Here's a good one. A private school in Dallas plays a girls' Varsity game against a small school (with only 20 girls on campus). The underdog hasn't won a game in 5 years, and January 13 was no different. Yes, it was... they didn't just lose, they lose 100-0. Wow. The losing kiddos didn't want to go back out after the 59-0 halftime score, but they soldiered on. Wow.

Now, AFTER the incident became public, the winning school issued an apology. They've even asked the league to let them forfeit the game. Oh, that's nice. We didn't humiliate you enough with the blow-out win. Now a week later we want to give you a charity win.

Okay, story time:

I was working the clock at a JV game. The game was the first week after winter break. The coach told his team, "You don't show up to practice over the break, you don't play." Problem -- only 5 girls showed up to practice. So coach is playing a JV girls' game with no bench. The girls get into foul trouble, and they have less than 5 players on the floor. In fact, at the end of the game, they only had 3 players out there.

I was impressed with the opposing coach. She only allowed 3 players to play offense. They could all play defense, but only 3 could cross the half-court line. She still won handily, but showed some sportsmanship, allowed everyone to get some game practice.

Story time done.



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