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Monday, January 26, 2009

Follow-Up: 100-0 Win... COACH FIRED.

So to recap this blogpost, a private school racks up 100-0 win over a small school with only 20 girls in their enrollment. When the story hits the papers, the school officials apologize and request to forfeit the game. End recap.

Now, I said the forfeiting sounded odd. The team could have lifted their foot off the pedal (or off the neck of their opponents) anytime, but they didn't... then they apologize days later. Now it makes a little more sense.

The coach has been FIRED. It seems that the school board is apologetic, but the coach... not so much. What's really incredible, the coach claims he would never run up the score on anyone.

WHAT!? You mean you put in your bench players, told them to practice defense, and their bounce passes ACCIDENTALLY became the 4th-quarter 3-pointers that fans report?!

Well, there are plenty of places in Texas that this unemployed coach can find a job and be appreciated.



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