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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prepare to begin lockdown... wait for it...

So, this unarmed escapee was arrested without incident in the high school cafeteria at 9:15.
"The school went into partial lockdown and was in the process of a full lockdown when the intruder was apprehended by deputies in the school's cafeteria," Brownsville Independent School District spokeswoman Drue Brown Brown said.
So, what is a partial lockdown? All even-numbered rooms, lock your doors? And why were they only "in the process of a full lockdown" when the fellow was apprehended? How long does it take to turn on the intercom and say, "lockdown"? (Yes, that's the codeword at one local campus. I think it's awesome! You don't have to worry about "is a drill 'code marroon' or 'code gold'?" It's hard to mistake, "lockdown.")



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