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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Florida Food Fight Ends in Arrests

A story from St. Lucie County Schools reports that a pretty extensive fight occurred in the West Centennial cafeteria. Sheriff's deputies arrested five girls involved in the fight.

The story indicates that this wasn't kids tossing around food, but rather a fight that had been brewing all day until it bubbled over during lunch, so the assailants included food in their brawl.

Food fights are pretty scary for all the bystander kiddos just sitting around trying to eat lunch with their friends. I was on a campus that responded to a food fight by assigning the kiddos seats at lunch and escorting them single-file to and from the lunch room. It was effective. They didn't like it, and some of them tried to organize a hunger strike (which made no sense on sooooo many levels).

The reasoning went like this: If we don't buy their food, they'll lose money and give in to us. (So why do you have to go hungry... just bring a lunch from home. Bring lunches for your friends so they don't buy lunch either.) They planned an organized for the "big day." When that day arrived, it was the students who buckled. They wanted food and bought lunch. I recall a single boycotting student. Sitting quietly next to her "friends" who abandoned her cause and were chowing down.

Okay, I'm done with my story now.



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