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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Engaging Students

Let me share an idea we've implemented at my campus this year. We have televisions in the cafeteria. These tvs connect with our media station. They can carry cable programming, a DVD or VHS played from the library, or (and here's the cool one) it can broadcast a computer monitor from the library station.

Last year, we played a PowerPoint slide show on those screens with a myriad of math facts. But this year, we wanted to "kick it up a notch!" We thought we could engage the kiddos by putting those facts in the form of a quiz. So we solicited questions from ALL the teachers (electives, core curriculum, PE, everyone) and based the slide show on the trivia contests you see an Buffalo WildWings and other similar restaurants.

The result is cool. We sprinkle in some current events and pop culture questions, and the students' reaction has been positive. Especially the younger students are shouting out answers and following along. We swap out the questions every week.

If you want to try something similar, you can download my PowerPoint slide show and use it as a template: Lunch Quiz PowerPoint Template

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