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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Give Us The Silent Treatment

According to an Express-News article, a local high school student earned a short suspension for participating in the Day of Silence to protest bullying of gay students. Turns out her silence was not the issue, but she wore a small sign that she refused to surrender.

This is one of those tough ones. No article (or office referral) can really describe all the events that led up to the suspension. The exact words, tone, attitudes on both sides that set events in motion. I know teachers who recount (with amusement) how they have sent students to the office for "stealing tape." Of course, the back story is much more exciting, but it's tough to capture that on paper.

I have no idea the details of this student's suspension. Teachers and administrators always have to judge what to ignore and what to confront.

By the way, other area schools say the protests were a "non-event." Kinda sad, all that effort goes unnoticed.



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