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Friday, May 9, 2008

So our administration wasn't sure how to deal with TAKS scores this year. The math results came in just before the science and social studies tests. The bosses decided that giving the kiddos their scores would stress them out before the next tests (but most of them passed!!). So we didn't let them know how they did. Sort of.

The kiddos who failed got schedule changes. So we didn't stress them out with their scores, but many of the kids got a visit from the coordinator saying, "you failed and here's the time and location of your new math class."

On top of all that, Marvel broke ranks and told all his students their results. Thanks a lot, buddy. Now my guys are bugging me: "Mr. Marvel told everyone their scores, why won't you tell us?"

Umm... because no one has even passed the scores to me yet. They should make it out here to the portables sometime before summer school.



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