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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DON'T Think Ethnic

A new form of ethnic cleansing is going on in some California schools, according to a recent article in The Sacramento Bee: "Schools reclassify students, pass test under federal law."

Here's the deal (simplified): In order to be considered an "Awesome School," 75% of your students must pass the state's standardized test. But there's more! 75% percent of each "sub-population" on your campus must pass the test. 75% of the girls must pass, 75% of the guys, 75% of the whites, 75% of the Hispanics, 75% of the Pacific Islanders, and so on. BUT! There is an exception. If you don't have enough students in a certain sub-population, then you are not measured by that group's results. If you have less than 100 Native American students on campus, then that group's scores don't affect your campus rating (they still figure in your overall numbers, of course).

So here's the scam: school principals have met with parents, asking them to reclassify their sons and daughters as a different ethnicity so the campus will have less than 100 students in a certain sub-population.

Who do they think they're helping here?! This is disgusting on sooooo many levels.




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