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Monday, May 12, 2008

Schedule Changes

According to an article in today's San Antonio Express -News, San Antonio ISD (SAISD to locals) is changing high school class schedules next year. Texas' new "4x4" requirement means students must take 4 years of high school science, math, english, and social studies. This requires more credits than before, so some SAISD high schools are making the classes shorter so students can take more courses.

I've taught 45-minute classes, 50-minute, 55-minute, 46-minute (!?), and 90-minute classes. They each have pros and cons, but I was pleased to see this in the article: " The teachers will attend training this summer to help them transition to the shorter or longer class periods..." I think this kind of training is essential. For example, when you teach a 90-minute block, you cannot just jam two 45-minute lessons together! Unfortunately, schools rarely update this training when there is staff turnover.

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