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Friday, November 13, 2009

Meep, Meep, Nope

A recent story from Massachusetts tells us of Danvers High School (home of the Falcons), where the principal has announced he will suspend any student who utters the word, "MEEP" or has the word written on their clothes.

Evidently, the school found a discussion on FaceBook that many of their students were planning a massive disruption centered around the word.

So, what word would you add to the campus ban list?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ReTEACH... not just retest!

Okay, teachers, here is an extreme example of failure to provide support for a struggling student. In South Korea, a 68-year-old lady, Cha Sa-soon, had to take the written portion of the local driving test several times before she met the passing score (of 60).

Okay, "several" is not the right word. What is the right word... Oh! I know! 950! That's right, Cha Sa-soon, had to take the written portion of the local driving test 950 times before she passed. She started taking the test in April of 2005, finally passed in October of 2009. (By the way, she spent the equivalent of about $7,000 on test fees.)

So, I'm thinking at about attempt number 427, someone should be saying, 'this lady could use a tutor.' Evidently that didn't happen.

Of course, we do similar things in our classrooms. We hand a kid back a failing test paper and say, "Correct the ones you missed and bring it back to me tomorrow to earn back credit." Let's see, (s)he didn't know the information yesterday, how will (s)he magically learn the information overnight? Easy - (s)he won't. (S)he may copy some good answers from a buddy, but that's another issue.

Reteach, retest. You can't have one without the o-o-other.

By the way, don't believe me? Here are the...