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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's that time again

I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner.  A British school has experimented by adjusting the school day to better match students' internal clocks.  According to some studies, most teens and adolescents are more alert a little later in the day... like 11 - 5.  So Monkseaton High School has pushed the school day (for 13-19 year olds) back one hour to start at 10 am.  You can read some details online

Of course, a major issue (that I did not see in this article) is child care.  Most work days begin before 10 am, so how do kiddos get to the school if they aren't riding the school bus?  We currently have students dumped dropped off on campus before 6:30... when classes start at 8:30 and the doors open at 7:45.

On the plus side, the article is clear that absenteeism and truancy have dropped.  A lot.  It looks like this experiment is being carefully monitored and documented... could be coming to a district near you.



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