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Friday, May 29, 2009

High-Five Attempt = Bad Touch!

So Mary Helen Lechuga used to be a district-level administrator at El Paso ISD. She was reassigned to a role as an elementary school principal. (Some articles refer to this as a "demotion," but those of us who teach know otherwise... there's a nice Harry Turtledove story, Gladly Wolde He Lerne, about that exact topic.)

So the superintendent is celebrating TAKS scores, and he high-fives all the principals. He gets to Mary Helen Lechuga, and she does not raise her hand for the high five. So the super pats her on the head instead. Lechuga "filed a police complaint saying she felt pain and feared what he might do next."

Hmmm... What do YOU think he's do next? The fist bump? Story Link in case you don't believe me.



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