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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Trip to Paradise

So the kiddos get a little more relaxed as school winds down, and we each have to pick our battles. I have surrendered one of my white boards and a stash of dried-out markers. Someone began my drawing "Mr. J's Summer Paradise" and sketching a stick figure in a hammock on an island with palm trees. Well, many have added to it.

There actually seems to be a competition between the pro-J and anti-J forces. First the drawing showed a coconut falling on my head. Then some kind soul added a hat to protect me. Rain was followed by umbrellas. Sharks arrived and even an orange missile labeled "NUKE." This morning the pro-J sketchers added a force field (and even a generator to circulate air inside.

Somewhere along the way the "Mr. J's Paradise" was amended to become "Mrs. J's Paradise." I'm not sure if it's her paradise because I'm off on a desert island where I can't bother her or because of the nuke.



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