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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Education in the News: I Know What You Did Last Math Class

The online article Education in the News: I Know What You Did Last Math Class touts the benefits of ParentConnection, allowing parents to keep track of their students' academic performance online.

Our district uses the same program, and continually enhances its abilities. Currently, parents can see e-mail or text alerts when a child's average drops below a specified grade. Parents see scores, attendance, and conduct immediately. They are expanding the program to show lunchroom purchases and more.

When the program was initially launched, as teachers we were concerned about the possible results. How quickly would parents expect grades to be posted, for example. While we do get calls and e-mails about missing assignment grades on work that is not yet due, the pros definitely outweigh the cons (in my opinion). Parent contact is so beneficial, it is hard to have too much.



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